If you live in Lubbock, or in a nearby county, then you might have heard that many people don't know how to drive very well. After coming back from my dearest friends wedding (congrats to the Porco's) it's just crazy how many people in Dallas don't know how to drive. It was so bad that I could have believed I was in New Mexico.

That is another stereotype obviously, I am sure New Mexico residents can drive. I was just surprised at how many people did not use their blinkers, cut each other off, and were riding so close to each other that a wreck is almost expected. Compared to Dallas driving in Lubbock is like riding those animal plush cars at the South Plains Mall, a piece of cake.

Even though I was not driving it was very stressful as Dallas drivers seemed to be very random as they weaved in and out of spaces. Also, they seemed to stay in left lanes that were marked as just passing lanes. Just as scary as it was to drive in Dallas the drivers seemed to be a step above regular drivers when it came to ingenuity. One vehicle seemed to somehow get their belongings stuffed into their trunk and drove down the Interstate with the trunk wide open.

Now I am not sure how they were able to weave through traffic without losing a single item but that is one thing I will say impressed me. Other than that I am thankful Lubbock driver's are not anywhere near to driving like Dallas driver's. Lubbock driver's do you agree that Dallas driver's could use a driving lesson to freshen up their road etiquette?

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