I will admit that I am that Lubbock idiot but I share some knowledge and urge you to not forget to renew your vehicle registration, apparently there is at least one change this year. Now I have renewed I just forgot to change out the sticker and it is almost March, my registration expired in January (keep a secret people). The state of Texas actually started allowing extensions when it came to their registrations but that only lasted three years and is no longer being allowed as of this year.

If you want a ticket then go ahead and keep driving around with an expired registration sticker or instead find an inspection station in your area by using the Department of Public Safety's locator. After you get that inspection then comes the hard part, actually sending in that passing inspection which needs to have been obtained on or before December 1, 2022 for a February 2023 registration sticker. Usually, 90 days before the end of the month of your registration expiration.

That inspection information can be submitted online, which saves you a dollar, and you just need your license plate number and last four digits of your VIN number. Obviously check to make sure that everything is correct like address, phone number and all that other personal information then you are done. You can also send it in by mail to the county tax assessor's office or in person but you might need to make an appointment, don't worry you can find your local tax-assessor here.

Now you have no excuses to be getting that ticket for an expired registration, especially one woman I recently saw with an expired registration from April 2016. Renew it.

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