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A federal judge has listed what both the defense and prosecution are not allowed to present as evidence during Bart Reagor's trial on Tuesday, October 12th.

Bart Reagor, the former co-owner of the Reagor-Dykes Auto Group that went bankrupt in 2018, faces charges of bank fraud and making a false statement to a bank. He admitted to taking money from an IBC Bank loan and transferring it to his own personal account. However, he says this was legal, as he was reimbursing himself for money put into the company earlier.

Prosecutors had fought previously to use audio from a leaked recording of Reagor as evidence against him, saying the audio proved his willingness to break the law and a scheme to defraud. Despite this, KAMC News reports a federal judge has laid out the following terms:

  • Neither side can tell the jury about the lawsuits regarding the Reagor-Dykes bankruptcy cases
  • Neither side can tell the jury about accusations of criminal behavior regarding former Reagor-Dykes employees
  • Neither side can tell the jury Bart Reagor's net worth
  • Neither side can tell the jury about quotes from the aforementioned leaked video
  • Neither side can tell the jury about previous high-profile clients they've represented
  • Neither side can tell the jury about the quantity of information shared with the other side
  • The defense cannot bring up Reagor's medical condition
  • The defense cannot use the amount of time and effort the prosecution put into this case as an issue
  • Reagor himself will not raise "advice of counsel" in front of the jury

The trial is still set for Tuesday, October 12th, 2021.

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