If you suspect that Lubbock's weather is wacky, you're right. And these tweets from the National Weather Service prove it.

The precipitation in this area and the surrounding communities varies widely:

The airport is the official measurement for Lubbock, but as you can see, Shallowater, a mere spitting distance from north Lubbock, has a whopping 10 more inches of precipitation. Proof that one side of town can be flooding and the other bone dry. And there are those magical times when you can see the sun is out, but you're still getting rained on. Those are called sunshowers (aww!) and they happen here all the time.

Precipitation isn't the only wide variable; the range of temperatures last year was massive.

A 105-degree temperature range is massive, but since Texas is so huge, as a state it can swing 143 degrees!

Regardless of the wacky weather, Lubbock still has some of the most beautiful and interesting weather in the country. It's awe-inspiring to drive out to a field and see the whole horizon meet the ground like a giant blue marble, with massive, low hanging puffy clouds. You can feel the electricity of the massive thunderstorms before they even begin throwing bolts from the heavens. And of course, the sunsets are achingly gorgeous.

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