The trailer for the new Miley Cyrus & Demi Moore flick "LOL" hit the web yesterday. It's a coming-of-age comedy-drama-type-thing, in which Demi plays Miley's mom. LOL is an upcoming American remake of the 2008 French film of the same name and directed and written by Lisa Azuelos and Karim Aïnouz. It stars Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, Ashley Greene and Adam Sevani.
After 15-year-old Lola is dumped by her boyfriend, she sets her sights on his best friend. She begins her sexual awakening, and experiments with drugs. During Lola's tribulations, her oblivious 40-year-old mother struggles to move on from her divorce.
Check it out:

There's no release date yet, but it's due out sometime this year.
What do you think? Must see or Must Not?


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