It can take weeks to find the perfect wedding dress, and even more time on top of that to be tailored to fit the bride-to-be perfectly. The lengthy process means a person typically has to pick out their dress months, if not a year before their wedding to ensure it will be ready in time.

A wedding dress store owner shared via TikTok that she received a frantic call from a man asking if he could reorder his bride's custom-made gown just a few months before their wedding day.

At first the man was cagey about why he needed a new dress, but the owner could tell it was important so she insisted she would call the manufacturer of the dress to see if it was possible to reorder.

The store owner, Kathy Pierga, explained she called the manufacturer but was told it would all depend on the factory due to the customizations necessary for the dress.

Pierga called the groom back and told him the news, noting he burst into tears. That's when the bride's brother jumped on the phone and explained what happened.

He said the bride had left the wedding dress in her mother's closet for safekeeping. Sadly, their grandmother had just died and one of her wishes was to be buried in her own wedding dress.

The bride's brother and the groom were tasked with fetching the dress from the bride's mother's closet, but they grabbed the bride's wedding dress in its garment bag by accident, rather than the grandmother's dress.

Watch the clip here:

Users were flabbergasted by the story, with many demanding more details in the comments.

"Me thinking he’s freaking out bc he just accidentally saw the dress before the day… I WISH IT WAS JUST THAT," one person wrote, while another commented: "At the end of this i literally gasped and said out loud 'oh noooo!!'"

Others felt sorry for the husband as he was desperately trying to rectify the situation. "I feel genuinely sorry for the guy! He was just trying to help, made a mistake, and now he’s doing everything he can to help again," a user wrote.

In a second video, Pierga shared that the ceremony was closed casket, therefore no one saw what the grandmother was wearing.

"So, now we're on this mad hunt to get this dress because bride does not know this dress is buried six feet under with grandma," Pierga added.

In a third video, Pierga noted there was a happy ending: The groom came clean to his wife, and it turns out she needed a new dress anyway as she was pregnant!

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