I love getting updates about Lubbock, Texas coach Thomas Walser and student Hector Montez, our hometown heroes who provided us with the feel good story of 2016.

Back in September, Hector bought Coach Walser a pair of Air Jordans - something he always wanted as a kid but never got - as a token of his appreciation for a teacher he felt really inspired by. But don't take my word for it -- watch the video and come back if you haven't seen it already.

Ever since the video (deservedly) went viral this fall, the good karma, blessings, luck or whatever you call it, keeps pouring in for these two.

Hector got his own pair of shoes directly from Nike. They both appeared on The Steve Harvey Show, where Hector got a huge scholarship. Hector got to shop at DJ Khaled's personal Champs Sport store, and now both received a pair of True Blue" Air Jordan 3 Retros before anyone else could even buy them.

Of course Hector, being the incredible sweetheart that we've come to fall in love with, delivered Coach Walser's shoes personally:


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