There are many things Texas can be considered #1 in compared to the rest of the United States. Some are great, and others are very disappointing.

One upsetting statistic is that as of 2020, Texas ranks #1 for the number of women murdered by men in single offender/single victim homicides in the U.S.

Texas Leads The Way in Homicides

Out of the 2,059 women victims in single-offender homicides in 2020, 257 of them were in Texas.

That number beats out the other states by far with the second highest number being 222 in California, and the third dropping dramatically to 76 in Ohio. From there, the ranking changes in much smaller intervals between 1-7 victims per state.

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This data was submitted to the FBI for its Supplementary Homicide Report, and it brought on a variety of key findings regarding lethal violence against women.

More Statistics To Know

Key findings include:

  • Eight times as many women (1,604 victims) were killed by a man they knew, as opposed to strangers (197 victims)
  • 60% of the women who knew their murderers were married to or ‘intimate acquaintances’ of their killers.
  • 61% of murders notably committed with a weapon (1,735) were done so via firearm, 18% via knives or other cutting instruments, 9% via bodily force, and 5% via blunt object.
  • 298 women were killed via firearm by a husband or ‘intimate acquaintance’ happened during an argument.
  • The majority of these murders were not related to any other felony crime.

For more information on this data, you can find full details via this PDF, and see the list of states compared to each other via

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