As Halloween creeps up on us again its time to start thinking about a costume! Obviously with these costumes, someone didn't think too much about their name, though.

Halloween costumes are a huge business. So is suing for copyright infringement. Which is why most of the costumes you'll see for sale on the internet look like what you know they're supposed to be, but they have the most generic and stupid name ever. Here are some of the worst I've found. Click through the links on each picture because there are literally hundreds more where these came from and they are all on sale right now.


  • 1

    Minnie Mouse, ish.

    Everybody recognizes the mice from Disney. So instead of Minnie this is the Miss Mikki Adult Costume. Notice they didn't even spell Mickey the right way just to be safe.

  • 2

    Buzz Babe?

    Yep, Buzz Babe. Or more specifically Sexy Rocket Babe Costume.

  • 3

    101 Dalmations it ain't

    No this is the Women's Puppy Crazy Costume.

  • 4

    Not Darth Vader

    No this is the Ruthless Galactic Warrior Costume

  • 5

    Nintendo Can't Sue For This

    Because there are SO many Block Jumping Plumber Costumes out there...

  • 6

    If You're Going to Have Mario, You Need Luigi Too

    So here's the Green Jumping Plumber Costume

  • 7

    Its Not Just For Made Up Characters Either

    Because this is the Donna T. Rumpshaker.

  • 8

    Its Not Just For Women Either

    Because here is a Juice Demon? Beetlejuice wasn't even a demon he was a ghost so why not juice ghost? I mean this is just lazy.