Once upon a time, it seems as almost every mall in America had a Gadzooks in it. The South Plains Mall was no exception.

Gadzooks was one of the more popular clothing and accessory retailers in the mall. I spent many a day there, and lots of money as well. They carried men’s and women's clothing, as well as shoes, accessories and skateboard gear. (They were only one of a couple of places that sold such gear in Lubbock in the early to mid 90s.) I think my brother must have spent several thousand dollars there at one time with no problem.

Tim Boyle, Getty Images

But even with all those sales, nothing could save Gadzooks from its ultimate fate: bankruptcy. In 2005, the Texas-founded chain was sold to Forever 21, and eventually Gadzooks was no more.

Those were the good old days. Do you miss Gadzooks or have any memories of it? Let us know!


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