Frank Ocean's reign as rap's most mysterious and unpredictable force continues.

On Saturday, August 20, the enigmatic artist released a new song called "Nikes" via Apple Music, as well as a brand new video for the track which, it should be noted, is not included on Ocean's Friday-released visual album, Endless.

"I got two versions / I got two versions," Ocean raps towards the beginning of the atmospheric track, referencing a clue he posted on his web site about his Channel Orange follow-up way back in April 2015.

As for the video, it acts as a sort of kaleidoscope of fleeting moments, with scenes that include naked bodies, race cars, angels, a Lady Godiva-esque model posing atop a white horse and piles of dollar bills. It also pays an emotional tribute to late hip hop icons A$AP Yams and Pimp C, as well as shooting victim Trayvon Martin.

The cryptic music video also features some more bizarre visuals. In one clip, Ocean appears on a stage in an all-white outfit, his body and face covered in glitter; in another, he sets himself on fire. Elsewhere, a talking chihuahua raps.

Nothing seems connected, but everything also seems like it means something. Watch the NSFW music video, below:

According to Rolling Stone, the reclusive rapper will reportedly release another album this weekend (which we can only guess "Nikes" will be featured on), so stay tuned — Boys Don't Cry may still join the party yet.

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