80% of pitbulls and pitbull mixes that get either picked up or surrendered to the animal shelter get euthanized. That number is unacceptably high, but the problem isn't the shelter itself- trust me, they dont like it anymore than anyone else does.

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The problem is totally irresposible breeding, neglect/abuse and poor training. Also the misguided notion that pitbulls are an exceptionally dangerous breed of dog. Pitbulls aren't the problem, people are.

Of course fostering, adopting and loving a dog is the best way to save him or her, but many of us are already full-up on dogs, or are responsible enough to know we are not ready for one at this point in our lives. There's other ways to help this beautiful breed, including a very fun event- A Mixer at Fox & the Hound that benefits Saving Grace Pitbull Rescue that is January 21st from 6:30p to 8:30.

According to their Facebook Event Page:

Join us & Saving Grace Pit Bull Rescue at our 1st mixer of the year! Fox & Hound is where we will be and where you all should be too. Come out to enjoy some wonderful food & raffles, meet the wonderful people at Saving Grace Pit Bull Rescue and The Underdog's Project.

We are asking that you make a monetary donation of $5.00 at the front or item donation (per person).

Prize items will be posted as we receive them.
Raffle tickets- $2 each or $10 for 7 tickets. For every $10 you spend, you'll get 2 extra tickets!

Saving Grace is also accepting donoations of their most needed tems, including:

* paper towels
* trash bags
* clorox wipes
* Fabuloso
* blankets
* dog treats
* dog toys
* Diamond Naturals dog food (beef flavor)

For more information, or to let them know your coming, go here.

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