One Direction is supposed to be the hottest new worldwide teen sensation? Young girls are literally following them around foaming at the mouth like a pack of rabie infected wolves!

Girls screaming till they pass out and standing outside hotels sing their songs to them all night long just hoping to get a glimpse. Maybe it's all one big British illusion, because at least two of the guys in the group don't seem to be having luck with the ladies.

Harry Styles or"The Hot One" says he wishes a girl would come up and ask him out.  He tells "Tiger Beat", quote,

"I think if you like someone, then you like that person . . . you shouldn't play games.  You should ask them out. Walk up to me and just make conversation.  I like someone who's easy to talk to!"

Also, Zayn Malik or "The One Who Looks Like Joe Jonas" has been dumped by Text Messege!  He says, quote,

"I've been text dumped before!  I was dating her for a couple of months."

Here is and Interview from about a month ago where Harry and Zayn talk about being unlucky in love:


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