Prayers might be needed for Patrick Mahomes? Currently, the Kansas City Chiefs are 5-4, but after their 7th game, a petition was started on to bench Mahomes.

Ian Haywood, who started the petition, wrote:

The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-4 starting out the 2021 NFL season. This is the worst start that the Chiefs have had in their first 7 games since 2015 in which they went 1-6. Are we going to put all of the blame on Patrick Mahomes? Absolutely.

Is it fair to blame one single person for the whole team's record? Definitely not. On this petition, nearly 900 have signed as I write this, which shows the person who started this is wrong. I know it was really ugly after the Titans game, but we're all human, right?

I know Mahomes threw some interceptions this season, but you can't blame the quarterback for everything else that went wrong. In most instances, the receivers at least touched the ball, so they could have caught it.

So, who do some fans want to start in Mahomes' place? Chad Henne. It's unclear if that's just for one game or the remainder of the season, but with millions of people in this world and less than 1,000 signatures on the petition, I just don't think their plan to "get the Chiefs organization's attention" is going to work.

While I'll admit the true Patrick Mahomes we know and love hasn't been there on the field 100 percent of the time this season, that doesn't mean he needs to be benched. I think the problem is more with communication and chemistry. Mahomes has been in the last two Super Bowls, and won Super Bowl MVP trophy at just 26 years old.

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid and Mahomes both did go into the issues at length during a recent post-game press conference. They said some of it was because of the receivers, but Mahomes did own up to his part in the problem as well:

"I'm still extremely confident. I know we're going to find it as an offense," Mahomes said. "We have too many good players, too special of coaches in this organization to not find it. The offensive line, I'm real confident in them. They're playing real good football these last few weeks and I think as they come together, it's going to keep this offense going and I expect us to start making plays here soon."

Here are some things Twitter had to say about Mahomes and the petition:

Twitter Sounds off on Patrick Mahomes

For now, the Chiefs are keeping Mahomes as their starting quarterback. Hopefully, they will get stuff figured out soon.

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