Two of the most powerful tools for finding and communicating with people around the world have teamed up to make a better way to do both. Skype, for those who don't know, is a video chat service that lets you connect to people over the internet for free. Adding this feature into Facebook will help it to keep ahead of it's new competitor, Google+, which recently debuted with video chatting technology. It should be beneficial to Skype as well, because now millions of people who are on Facebook, but not Skype, will be using their service. Chatting from one computer to another will be free, but you will also have the ability to call mobile devices for a small fee( a few cents a minute) as well.

Google+ still remains unique by offering you the ability to chat with multiple people at once, where as Skype only lets you communicate one on one.  Google has some die-hard fans out there who will undoubtedly support their service, and there are some areas in which they top Facebook, even with the inclusion of skype, but the new partnership will most likely be enough to keep most users from even trying Google+ for the time being.

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