With the largest opening weekend of any comic book movie ever, the whole world is talking about the new "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" movie. Mostly about how it sucks.

This movie is great for fans of the comic books, but if you haven't read all the comic books you're going to be lost during parts of this. I was. I mean, it was 3-hours long and I still got lost in some of the random plot points. Three hours is plenty of time to explain what you want the audience to know, yet they still relied on dream sequences (and LOTS of them) to explain some stuff that otherwise would have made no sense. In other words, most of this movie just doesn't make any sense.

On the plus side, the kids will love this -- if they can stand sitting still for three hours. And seeing it in the coolest 3D around, Cinemark's 3D XD, was pretty slick.

So don't listen to my opinion because I'm just one guy. You might really love this movie and if you do you should be proud that you do. Go see it and judge for yourself.

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