The city of Lubbock woke up to a winter wonderland, immediately panicked, shut everything down, and then crawled back into their bed.

Lubbock Independent School District canceled all classes for the day. People across town are calling into work so they can stay home with their kids. Everyone on the road is driving like a maniac.

And for what?

Oh, that's right! Between a couple inches of snow, and, well it is kinda cold. It's 23 degrees for the high today, February 3rd, 2022, in Lubbock, Texas.

Meanwhile, in northern Minnesota, the small vacation city of Bemidji will simply be delaying school for two hours so that kids have a better chance at not freezing to death while braving the elements to get to class during blistering -34 degree temperatures. Bemidji sees an average of 48 inches of snowfall every single year.

Lubbock, on the other hand? We average about 7 inches a year. We canceled class for a snowstorm that some people would literally put shorts on for.

We are big-time weenies, guys.

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My buddies up in Minnesota are making so much fun of us right now for closing everything down and hiding by the fire while they jump out of bed and start today just like any other.

Don't get me wrong. I love snow days just as much as the next person. If I was a kid in Lubbock right now, I'd be out there trying to turn muddy snow into a snowman, too. But let's not kid ourselves. This storm is nothing. We just like to be lazy and toasty in bed, and that's okay, too. Everyone needs a snow day every once in a while.

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