Ellie Goulding and master of the dubstep Skrillex may not be dating anymore but the two have kept their promise to continue as friends and to work with each other again.

Skrillex says that he has plans to release several singles the first part of 2013, actually he says he has more music than he knows waht to do with. Skrillex told Billboard he is so eager to share the next step of his musical evolution in a recent interview.

“It’s just a new step in the right direction,” he explained. “You get so much music and it bypasses the distributor, so it’s literally the record label or the musician going straight to the fan. And it’s all content; if I want to put out photo albums, videos, whatever, it just gets straight to the fans without any red tape or bulls— like that. It’s amazing.”

He also hinted about some new remixes and collabos on the horizon, but don’t expect him to give too much warning whenever he does get around to resurfacing; as he put it.



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