Ellie Goulding is one tough Brit.

The blonde singer was headlining a show in Cornwall, England yesterday (July 9) when a fight broke out in the crowd, according to Digital Spy. Rather than ignore it and power through her performance, the 27-year-old told the girls to knock it off. Ellie doesn’t take anyone’s crap, obviously!

She paused midway through her song ‘Anything Could Happen’ to say, “Girls, what’s up? That song is meant to be happiness, not fights. No drink throwing. It’s not nice. It’s really annoying and it’s bloody sticky.”

When one of the rambunctious girls spoke back to Ellie, the singer hilariously replied, “We’ve all got stories, doesn’t mean you have to tell them.”

She continued on with her show, presumably after ending the altercation. Later on, she addressed the crowd on their temperament: “It’s quite a laddish crowd tonight, fights breaking out, drinks spilling.”

Lesson learned, Ellie fans! She isn’t here for any messing about, so enjoy her show and try to stay out of trouble.

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