If you aren't already in love with "Powerful," the Ellie Goulding-featured track on Major Lazer's Peace Is the Mission album, let the super-powered new video bring its magic to your attention.

The James Slater-directed clip opens with Ellie at a diner — rocking a goth-pop look in black leather and matching nails — and anyone who watches Supernatural knows a vintage diner is a highly effective setting for some paranormal activity. As the "Burn" singer sits alone in a booth, her coffee cup begins to rattle — and it's not because a waitress just bumped her table.

As Ellie's kinetic powers mount, reggae vocalist Tarrus Riley chimes in from his nearby perch, casting coins on the table and singing, "You charge my heart with your electricity / Jump start my heart with your love" as the quarters float beneath his hand. The two are drawn to each other's otherworldly energy, and when they combine forces things start to get very weird at the truck stop.

"Powerful" richly deserves to see the same success as "Lean On," the previous single from Peace Is the Mission, which peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 (and still remains song of the summer in some of our hearts). It's a standout on the reggae-meets-pop album executive produced by Diplo and Jr Blender, and Goulding and Riley's contrasting tones are a winning combo. Especially love the way Ellie sings "FI-yah" at the very end, perhaps inspired by Riley's patois.

Watch the "Powerful" video above.

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