It's that time of year when the weather is starting to get warmer and you just need something cool to drink. You could probably stop by your usual go to for drinks or try Dutch Bros Coffee for their newest drink that just dances on your taste buds.

I am someone who does not drink any coffee and rarely visits coffee places but recently I've been adventuring out and trying non-coffee items at different coffee places so I can at least join my friends when they go. Well recently I was told about a delicious drink that is something right out of my Sundays growing up in Lubbock.

Dutch Bros Coffee is selling the sweet and spicy Mangonada Rebel drink which contains their energy drink, the Rebel. The other ingredients in this drink include real strawberries, Tajin, and mangonada mix but you can also add your own spin on this drink. I have tried the original and I don't like energy drinks so I went back and swapped out the Rebel energy drink for strawberry soda and topped it off with I Love Chamoy.

When you order this drink you can opt to have it over ice or blended, blended is perfect for a warm sunny Lubbock day. This drink is Dutch Bros featured drink for the month of April and there is no word as to if it will be available after April and into the Summer so why not give it a try.

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