Dunkin' Donuts has been my go-to coffee treats for some time now. I like the rich, fresh taste of their hot coffee and I also love their frozen drinks as a sweet treat. (Try the blueberry syrup, it sounds WEIRD, but it makes your coffee taste like a muffin.)

So when Dunkin' announced coffee flavors with Girl Scout Cookie licensed flavors, I was excited. You can now get Thin Mints®, Coconut Caramel and Peanut Butter Cookie flavors. I just got a frozen coffee with Coconut Caramel flavor as it is the most superior cookie flavor of all time and you can just fight me if you disagree*.

*Please don't literally fight me.

Anyway, I paid for my drink, so here is my honest review: it's delicious. The rich Dunkin' Donuts coffee flavor still comes through, but you also get the creamy coconut and just the right amount of caramel. (I don't like overly sweet, cloying flavors.) It's sweet like a treat, but not gross, hurts-your-stomach sweet. I'm excited to try the other flavors soon.

Girl Scout flavors should be available until the end of May, but it's also likely a while-supplies-last type of deal, too, so I'd try one ASAP if I were you.

via Renee Raven, who drained this coffee immediately
via Renee Raven, who drained this coffee immediately

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