Here's the thing- I LIVE FOR local Lubbock drag. We are blessed with incredibly talented and diverse entertainers who put on mind blowing shows. It's ridiculously fun.

But I'm also kinda old and lazy and I don't like to go out late that often.

The drag gods listened and granted me Drag Brunch- drag on a Sunday afternoon when I have the time and the energy to really enjoy myself. And no one looks at me funny for having a Bloody Mary (or 3).

I went to the first The Garden Drag Brunch and had the best time- it's all the energy, creativity and style that you expect from Lubbock's vibrant drag scene, just earlier and outside.

The Garden (1801 Buddy Holly) is bring Drag Brunch back on Sunday, July 14th with tons of incredible drink specials, a delicious taco truck and the best Bloodys in town. Just bring some singles- you'll be throwing money at these amazingly talented girls. Admission is free. 18+ to enter, 21+ to drink,

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