The Haven Animal Shelter (4501 N FM 1729) is so full right now that the volunteers have had to set up pens in their offices and in the waiting room area. It isn't a lack of planning on their part- it's people dumping animals off on the property, illegally, without permission. It's dangerous for the animals involved.

We wanted to write to you all a little about the Haven at this time. If you’ve been out recently, you may have noticed that we are packed. SUPER packed, as many other shelters are at this time. We receive upwards of 15-20 calls, emails and messages everyday of people asking us to take in animals, and we hate to turn people away but we just do not have the space or the fosters for it. We appreciate those who want to help animals the way we do and we are so grateful for the community’s support.

With that being said, we want to remind everyone that dumping of animals on Haven property, just as any other shelter, is ILLEGAL. We are so over capacity at the moment that we have run out of pens, so we built more. When even that wasn’t enough, we had to invite a few to stay in our office. This morning, we had 3 very ill puppies dumped on our property. With NO space for them, we had to set up a kennel for them in our photography trailer. There is a reason for laws against this. We understand people may be thinking that they are helping animals by doing this, but it really is just adding to the problem our city has with animal overcrowding.

We want you to know that the Haven, and any other shelter you contact, are not turning you away because a dog isn’t good enough or we don’t want to help. It truly is for space and safety reasons, and because we know that animals will not receive the greatest attention and care they deserve.

We work SO hard to rescue animals every single day. Even the ones we can’t take in, we do everything we can to help get them to a safe place. We cannot turn our backs on them, and we ask that you don’t either. Fostering, spay/neutering, adopting, donating, volunteering and sharing this post are all ways you can help these animals so PLEASE do! Remind everyone you know that taking advantage of hard working people who love animals by dumping on their property is wrong and illegal. Remind them that WE are not the only ones who can help animals, everyone can! We are counting on you all to help these babies where we can’t.

Of course the best way you can help the Haven is to adopt a new best friend. And the BEST way you can help the insane pet population in Lubbock is by spaying a neutering your pets- we don't need any extra puppies or kitties right now! If you would like to help the Haven with much needed donations, you can shop off of their wishlist or make a cash donation with Paypal today.

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