Thirty-six people were taken to the hospital during Avicii's June 25 concert in Boston, the Boston Globe reports, citing drugs and alcohol as the cause. An additional 50 people sought medical attention at the show.

An EMS worker tells the Boston Globe that there were no fatalities from the show, although numerous ambulances were required to transport the concert-goers to the hospital and the Boston Police were present.

“You couldn’t breathe if you were on the floor,” 19-year-old Mike Santostefano told the publication. “It was the best and worst time ever.”

For some, the crowded and steamy atmosphere of the concert was overwhelming.

“It was just too crazy in there,"18-year-old Roisin Saratonion, who left the show early, told the Boston Globe. “You get really hot in there and you just pass out. You couldn’t breathe. It was claustrophobic. People get dehydrated.”

The exact cause of the health scare remains unknown, although police are investigating the incident.

"There may have been some illicit drug involved, but none have been identified,” reported Michael Bosse, deputy superintendent for Boston EMS.

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