This may be taking the "War On Christmas" to another level.

Twitter user and columnist Kyle Smith found this sign at a Dallas bar and had to share their disdain for what has become a Christmas anthem.

Yep. This song:

The unnamed Texas watering hole posted the sign that lays down some rather draconian ground rules for anyone who plays Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" before December 1st. Then, after the 1st, it will only be allowed to play ONE time on the bar's jukebox per day.

No actual punishment for patrons is described, yet this seems like a rather hard line stance to take for the establishment.

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After seeing the tweet, Carey herself actually made a good-natured dig at the note and the bar's lack of Christmas cheer in response to a tweet reply.

Carey posted a screengrab from a commercial that she appeared in for the video game Game of War, which seems to send the message that, yes, she is ready to start swinging a yule log at some Texas grinches.

Even with her very successful career, Carey has completely embraced her new role of "the Queen of Christmas" after the massive success of her holiday hit, even posting a video on Halloween Night that symbolizes the start of the Christmas season.

If a Lubbock bar has a similar thorn in their side over "All I Want for Christmas Is You," we haven't seen it yet.

I think the bigger question at hand is: If this Texas bar doesn't want "All I Want for Christmas Is You" played on their jukebox, then why is it on their jukebox IN THE FIRST PLACE? They could solve the problem by simply taking it off of the jukebox, but no, they want to make a stink and maybe get some viral love.

Well, you got Mariah Carey's attention, that's for certain.


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