In yet another installment of Once Upon a Time in Lubbock, we remember Pistol Pete’s Pizza, where all the kids have fun!

The original location was at 4621 50th Street as far back as 1974, but the Pistol Pete’s Pizza I remember was located at 50th and Slide Road, where Jake’s and Bodyworks is now. It was known for its sort of cheap pizza/buffet, video games and screaming kids. The Lubbock location opened in 1987.

Of course, it had the standard video games and skee-ball, but it also had an indoor carousel. Later in 1990, the Lubbock location expanded and added the Rock aFire Explosion. (You know them better as the animatronics from Showbiz Pizza Place, but more on them at a later time.)

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the place was a madhouse of screaming kids, video game noises, greasy pizza and annoyed parents. (Think: another pizza place down the street that is still open today.) BUT IT WAS FUN! They also used large playing cards as your "number" to let you know when your pizza was ready. 'Ace of Clubs, your order is ready!'

And, of course, you can't forget the official Pistol Pete's Boot Mug!

The Lubbock location closed in 1994 due to company downsizing. Sadly, in 1995, Pistol Pete’s was acquired by the Peter Piper Pizza chain. This article is in loving memory of Lacha, Lacha Cheeze, thanks Chris H.

Do you have any memories of Pistol Pete’s Pizza? Let us know!


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