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I’m an El Salvadorian kid from the West Coast, born and raised in LA, now on the EeE’s Coast..oops I mean East Coast. My first chance in radio was when I interned at a station in LA and got a chance to go on-air. From there, I wen…

Kayla Thomas

Hi! My name is Kayla Thomas but most of my friends just call me KT. I am a Maryland native who got my first shot in radio at a local station in Roanoke, Virginia. I graduated from Liberty University in 2016 with a degree in Digita…

Matt Ryan

Matt is obsessed with music, movies, and pop culture, so you'll never experience FOMO. Fun facts about Matt: he sleeps with 7 sheets on his bed. He peels one layer off every day. Yeah, he's weird. He's legit seen every episode of …

Sweet Lenny

Hi, I’m Sweet Lenny. With a name like Sweet Lenny, I was destined to get into radio. I couldn’t do anything but a radio guy. Now, I’m your at-work radio guy.