Whether you are looking to practice your swing or just have a good time with friends, 4ore golf has been a beloved spot for many Lubbock locals since they first opened in 2017.

If you are a regular there, then you are already well-aware of this. However, if you are like me and only go every once and a while, you might not have noticed a huge change they recently went through.

As of July 2023, they started a major rebranding into GolfSuites.

Emily Claire
Emily Claire

The last time I went to 4ore was June 2023, and I had no clue about this rebrand until I drove past the other day.

Wondering what caused this rebrand, I did some digging and found that GolfSuites owns 4ore golf. It looks like they recently acquired the brand, leading to this major change for the local 4ore Golf. It is still the same experience everyone knows and loves, it is simply a new look, name, and some other updates.

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GolfSuites has other locations in Tulsa and Baton Rouge, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they plan to continue growing in order to compete with brands like Top Golf. Either way, it is interesting to see this change for such an iconic Lubbock business.

I am curious to experience this update myself and see what has changed and what has stayed the same with it now being GolfSuites. Hopefully it is all positive and loyal customers continue to enjoy their experience with them.

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