You've probably heard of the unproven Bigfoot mystery in the Pacific Northwest. But there are many, many stories of Bigfoot sightings here in Texas, too.

There's not too many places for him to hide here on the flatlands of the South Plains, but travel east to nearly 12 million acres of dense forest and this is where many sightings have occurred. According to sources including, there have been many sightings reported at Caddo Lake and through out East Texas.

There is even a Texas Bigfoot Research Center with annual conferences since 2001. The North American Wood Ape Conservancy has gathered many wood ape reports and mapped their findings.

The term Wood Ape, Sasquatch, Bigfoot and Yeti are used interchangeably. The largest known primate in the world is the eastern gorilla, which is on the verge of extinction according to Science Alert and other sources. Gorillas can reach an average height of 6 feet according to Wild Facts.

The giant 7-foot tall, ape-like creatures reported as Bigfoot are considerably taller and have reportedly different behavior patterns than apes. There are several theories about why we have not found their skeletons and other evidence of their existence according to the Sasquatch Chronicles. 

The Big Foot Field Researchers Organization has mapped and tracked an incredible number of reports. Experts believe there is not one Bigfoot, but a species of giant ape-like creatures that have managed to elude us.

Even more unbelievable is the idea that Bigfoot has come through some sort of portal from another dimension according to with reference to the Huffington Post. Even Louis L'amour makes references to this in his sci-fi New York Times Bestseller, Haunted Mesa. 

In the process of writing this blog, I have become intrigued. There is something undiscovered, that it seems does not want to be discovered -- the definition of the word mystery!

This Bigfoot research has taken the time, energy and scientific expertise of many intelligent scientists and run them around in circles. This could be more than a crazy tabloid headline, a theory, a legend or a myth. Yes, there may be much more to this story.

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