Will.I.Am. has been accused of ripping off dance artists Arty & Mat Zo. Will.I.Am.'s new song "Let's Go" supposedly rips off their song "Rebound". Hear them both here.

OK I'll answer it for you, yes he did. There is an audio sample in Will's song that is a direct copy of "Rebound". Did he know he was doing it? Probably. But so far no one has commented from Mr. I.Am's camp. This isn't his first accusation of musical thievery though. He's currently being sued over his duet with Brit-Brit "Scream And Shout".

Coincidentally enough, the name of this track is "Let's Go", which is also exactly the same as the Calvin Harris and Ne-Yo hit. Did Will steal that too?

Oh and lay off of Chris Brown for this, he was simply a singing guest on the track and is innocent in anything.

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