It's nearly that season - wedding season. June is the most popular wedding month, followed closely by August (ugh, so hot, why?).

If you're planning a wedding this year you need to get into your dream dress asap. I've slowly-but-surely been shopping for one myself, just in case I get it together and get married this year (wish me luck).

I asked my friend Courtney Headly, who is a Visual Marketer, over at Bliss Bridal about what the hottest wedding dress trends in Lubbock will be this year.

She was right on top of it with this fabulous list (that goes beyond just dresses) and some gorgeous pictures:

I am really enjoying the more relaxed, boho chic vibes we are seeing. A relaxed bride, is a happy bride. And comfortable guests love to celebrate the beginning of a journey.


*Tonal color choices, like wine and peach, forest and mint, or cobalt and teal.

*Brooch bouquets

*A pop of unexpected color on the bride, from beading to shoes

*Wildflower bouquets or local greenery like cotton bolls and sage

*barn, or other rustic settings for services and receptions *lots of soutache lace

*jeweled hair accessories, not necessarily traditional veils.

Personally, I adore wedding dresses with some color in them; I find it romantic. I've been searching for something like that for nearly two years (a little over how long I've been engaged, lol), and I'm pleased designers are starting to really use lovely colors. I just can't do plain white.

I also asked Courtney about working in the wedding world. (Fun fact: before I was a DJ, I did event coordination and helped with a lot of weddings. It's a joyous profession!)

"My favorite part of my job is getting to see the excitement, and relief, in a bride's eyes when she finds 'The Dress,'" said Courtney. "There are a few times in this life, when you 'just know' something is right. I love being a part of facilitating that. There are lots of happy tears."

Here's a gallery showing off some of these delightful West texas wedding trends:

Thanks again for the great info Courtney. Bliss Bridal is appointment-only and you can call them at (806) 368-5743 to try on these gorgeous on-trend dresses.

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