Isn’t it just like Ryan Reynolds to upstage a colleague? After listening to critics sing the praises of Logan for the past few weeks, fans around the country took their seats on Friday night ready to watch Hugh Jackman strap on his metal claws one last time. And so it came as quite a surprise when the first superhero to appear onscreen wasn’t Wolverine but Deadpool, everyone’s favorite R-rated superhero — and, if we’re being honest with each other, the entire reason an R-rated Wolverine movie was given the go-head by 20th Century Fox.

And now you can watch the entire Deadpool 2 teaser online (via, provided you have headphones and a quiet corner to yourself. If anything, this teaser shows that Deadpool was not a one-hit wonder for Reynolds and company. In three short minutes, the teaser is able to pack in tons of jokes about superheroes, action movies, and the X-Men universe as a whole. Not only do we get the extended riff on the Superman films  —  culminating in a tasteful glimpse of Reynolds’ derrière  —  we also have not-so-subtle pokes at the Firefly series, Tony Scott’s True Romance, and even a few jokes at the expense of the first Deadpool movie, too.

This is also another link between the X-Men franchise and a standalone Deadpool movie, suggesting that 20th Century Fox is becoming increasingly interested in how it can bring together its most successful properties. With Patrick Stewart’s recent admission that he would un-retire from X-Men movies if it meant he got to participate in a Deadpool sequel, it would seem that this franchise has quickly become the ‘but’ of Fox’s comic book properties, the exception that proves the rule. Who wouldn’t be down for a quick cameo as either themselves or their superhero counterparts? It took a while, but maybe Hollywood has finally perfected the Last Action Hero formula.

Deadpool 2 is currently in production, so be sure to visit our page for the film to stay on top of the latest updates.

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