David Beckham is doing push-ups in his underwear atop a piano in a new video on Instagram. Why is David Beckham doing push-ups in his underwear atop a piano in a new video on Instagram, you ask? We'll tell you why.

The soccer icon (um, football icon—sorry, British readers) was recently challenged by his pal, director Guy Ritchie, to take part in the #22PushupChallenge, a viral participation event in which people, celebrities included, film themselves completing 22 push-ups a day over 22 consecutive days in order to raise awareness for the estimated 22 PTSD-suffering war veterans who commit suicide every 24 hours.

Similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (remember that one?), in each video posted those who participate invite their friends to also complete the challenge, which was seemingly launched by an organization called 22Kill, in order to spread the word.

PEOPLE's 2015 Sexiest Man Alive kicked off his participation in the challenge on Wednesday (September 21) from the aisle of a posh plane, writing, "This isn't one of [Ritchie's] daily routines where he likes to teach u a lesson and beat you, it's for a very good reason... 22 service men kill themselves post conflict... 22 a day, basically 1 an hour."

After nominating his friend, actor Justin Theroux, as well as his son with Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn, he returned to Instagram on Thursday for Round 2, sharing a video of himself doing push-ups in a hotel, wearing nothing but his underwear, while perched atop a grand piano next to some glasses of red wine.

It's for a good cause, sure—but even if it weren't, we wouldn't complain. Watch below:

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