COVID-19 is here to stay and it could possibly have some hard, long-lasting results… on the penis!

The long effects of the coronavirus are still relatively unknown, but it has been floated around that one awful side effect for people who have penises is erectile dysfunction.

A man in his 30s, who identifies as heterosexual, wrote into the Slate sex advice podcast How to Do It and declared he is a victim of what is being referred to as “covid dick.”

The guy explained he became extremely sick after contracting COVID-19 in July 2021 and was hospitalized. After he was discharged he noticed he was suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED).

The writer noted he had an “above average” penis size before contracting COVID-19, yet after his recovery his penis allegedly shrunk about 1.5 inches. According to him, he's now “decidedly less than average" in size.

Though the idea of post-COVID penis shrinkage may sound a bit farfetched, the podcast hosts interviewed a pair of urologist who explained there’s actual evidence to back up COVID-19 leading to erectile or sexual dysfunction. A recent study even found that men with the virus were about “three times as likely” to develop a new case of ED over those who didn’t have the coronavirus.

A few theories on how COVID-19 can cause ED were explained. One way is the infection can possibly reach the tissue inside the penis and damage the surrounding blood vessels. Also there could be an indirect effect after the immune system is infected, triggering damaging inflammation. (Side note: It appears COVID-19 can also live in the testicles, but the docs explained it can't be spread through sexual intercourse.)

Though the writer said he had lost hope that he might be stuck with his allegedly smaller penis forever, it turns out there are a couple of things to try that could revive a shrunken member.

A shrunken penis can be sent to “penile rehab,” which involves stretching exercises and/or using a penis pump. Also, the little blue pill (Viagra) has been around for years with many satisfied customers.

Some other good news: As of now there’s no evidence that getting vaccinated for COVID-19 leads to ED. That's one way to scare someone into getting the jab!

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