I for one love it when a celebrity loses the plot and takes their own special brand of crazy and posts it on the internet for all to see, i.e. Charlie Sheen. Well this time it is Courtney Stodden's turn. That's right the 17 year-old teen bride has hit youtube with a video you will not believe.

Courtney appears in a tube top, pink tutu and cat makeup as she goes around the house on all fours. She meows, coughs up a hairball, drinks out of a water dish, hisses at a dog, eats Cat Chow and digs around in a litter box with her stiletto heels. At one point, she scratches a door, and you can hear her creepy husband Doug Hutchison yell, "Bad kitty!" This could be one of the weirdest videos that you have ever seen. There MUST have been at least five different drugs in play here! Check it out:

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