Summer is in full swing across the U.S. but it's been especially hot in the Lonestar state but there are a few ways to cool off. You could always sit indoors where the air conditioning is cool or you could head outside and hit the pool but what about the creatures of the night?

Well goths are not necessarily creatures of the night and it's 2023 where the are tons of spooky loving, macabre-esque, horror movie lovers or just self proclaimed weirdos than ever before. One way to cool off and meet more like minded people is to head on over to one of the darkest and fun sounding events this Summer season (which does fall on my actual birthday).

The Goth Pool Party promises to be filled with lots of fun bone chilling times and is sponsored by The Oddities Art Market, Raicodoll, and the new Weird Company. This event will be held at Water Rampage, Lubbock's only waterpark, which means there will be plenty of swimming and lounging in the lazy river. The wave pool will be showing the classic Tim Burton film Coraline on their screen but there will also be snacks and drinks available.

Funds from this event will go towards the Weird Space artist fund to help pay and hire more artists along with supplies for their installations. The only way to purchase tickets for this exclusive event is online, there will be no tickets for sale at the door the day of the event. Regular admission will be just a $30 donation per person with children 12 and under only being $10, unless they're under the age of 2 which in that case they are free.

More information about this event can be found online on their social media page along with how to use Venmo to get tickets or request songs during the party. This event is sure to be filled with fun just make sure your bathing suit attire is appropriate and don't forget the sunscreen.

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