Iconic shoe brand Converse is opening a store here in Lubbock at the West End Center sometime this winter. In addition to their signature Chuck Taylors, the store will offer apparel and other accessories.

I've owned a few pairs of Chucks and have always become emotionally attached to each pair.

A few years ago I forced myself to throw a pair away in the trash can between library and the SUB at Tech so I wouldn't dig them back out. They were several years old, the sole was mostly detached and the inside of the canvas ripped from my awkward pigeon-toed gait.

Many special editions have been released, almost all of which are based around musicians, but my favorite are the DC comic series. I currently have a Batgirl pair that have the same rip, but the soles are still on so they are still totally okay to wear.

Some fun facts about Chuck Taylors (via Complex):

Converse designed custom shoes for the first African-American basketball team, the New York Renaissance, in 1923.

In 1962, legendary basketball player Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a single game while wearing Chucks.

Converse nearly disappeared in the early 2000s, but Nike bought the company in 2003. Converse then went on to sponsor several professional skate boarders and skate boarding events.


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