Our friends in Cobra Starship are finally back with a new song featuring Sabi, who is the singer on Britney's new club track "(Drop Dead) Beautiful" The new song is called "You Make Me Feel." I'm going to call Gabe again soon and make sure that the band comes back to Lubbock asap. If you don't remember, or weren't there, Cobra came through on an off date from the Warped Tour they were on. They had released "GuiltyPleasure" (see video below) and it was a mini hit for the band. We had so much fun with them and We The Kings, then "Good Girls Go Bad" (co-written by Kara Dioguardi and again, grab the video below) was released and the band got ridiculously busy. I've talked to Gabe since then but again they had to run back into the studio, so hopefully they will be back on the road again soon. Anyway here's their newest single.

Cobra Starship-You Make Me Feel

And here's the video for "Good Girls Go Bad."

This is the video of some of the guys doing "Guilty Pleasure" live in our studios, back when we were still Z102. Its a cell phone video but its still cool to watch.

First-The soundcheck:

Next-The introductions:

Now the music:

And finally the actual video:

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