That's it, the bar has been set on Christmas decorations.

I absolutely love video games. If you do as well, you have to know about Mario. I think even people that don't play video games know who Mario is. That little plumber has been kicking butt for decades now and still going strong in 2018. Jesse Gonzalez is showing his love for Mario in Haltom City, Texas.

He says it took him three months to program the over nine minute Super Mario brothers display. It also took him five days to set up everything in his yard. He has 4,000 LED lights in this thing and hand painted Mario Christmas displays. Which he made himself. Gonzalez says anyone is welcome to see his display in person at his Haltom City home at the corner of Easy and Wisdom Street.

If I had the time and money, this is what my house would look like.

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