As I write this, the date is March 31st, 2021, and that means by the time the clock strikes midnight, Super Mario 3D All-Stars will no longer be available for purchase, both physically and digitally.

It was something all Mario lovers wanted: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, all bundled together for a portable console, the Nintendo Switch. Who wasn't gonna buy it? All of these games are dearly beloved by millions of people, and getting to play them on the go? Yes, please.

The three games were available for $60 total, which I think is kinda BS for a bunch of older games, but whatever.

You'll notice I said "were." That's because, for some asinine reason, Nintendo is ending sales of this bundle after March 31st. Why? I have no earthly idea. It's not like they're saving costs from producing the games since it's on the company's eShop right now. But they're pulling it from there, too!

I don't actually own the bundle. I'm not a huge Mario, guy (I'm sorry), but I have a lot of friends who were in love with this idea and are pissed about it being pulled, as they should be.

And yes, I have friends. At least three of them.

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I get selling limited edition products. I really do. However, this just seems like they're killing off accessibility for old games that some people can't get their hands on now for one reason or another.

Nintendo is notorious about making their old games just completely inaccessible, which is why a lot of people resort to emulation. That's essentially when you just download a copy of the game on your PC and play it for free. Is it illegal to distribute an emulation? Sure, but it's so commonplace now that no one really thinks about it. Except Nintendo.

They have been so adamant about shutting down emulation services and fan games that use their material (look at AM2R, a game I was so hyped for), which, on one hand, I get. It's their IP, and they don't want others to use it. But when they make it to where no one can play their older games, what else are people to do? An all-stars collection like what gamers have been talking about seems like a great idea, so why the hell is Nintendo taking it away?

This move has even resulted in people going online to mourn Mario's "death" on March 31st. He's not really dying, the franchise will go on forever, but it's pretty funny, regardless.

So if you want Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy on your Switch, you better buy it fast. If you're reading this after March 31st, my sincerest apologies, but our Nintendo overlords just don't want you to play their games, I guess. Why don't they want our money?

I've used this line to end an article before, but I feel like it can be used here, too:

Let us give you our money.

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