If you enjoyed "American Idol" contestant CHRIS MEDINA, you should check out the past performance videos he has online. (--Chris auditioned at the end of Wednesday's show.  He's the guy who's taking care of his fiancée because she was left brain damaged following a bad accident just two months before they were supposed to get married.)

--In one video, Chris performs an original song called "What Has Become of Me" on what would've been his wedding day.  He wrote the song while his fiancée, Juliana, was still in the hospital.  (--Listen to it, here.)

--And there's another of Chris singing a song called "Chicago".  It was done a few months before Juliana's accident, and she's sitting next to Chris in the video.  (--Here's the link.)

--Finally, there's a song called "Young Hearts" by Chris' band, THE ABLE BODY.  It's unclear when it was recorded, but it was just uploaded last week.  (--You can check it out, here.)

--By the way, "Idol" rebounded in the ratings Wednesday.  After the premiere drew 26.2 million viewers and the second episode dropped to 22.9 million, 25.2 million viewers tuned in for Wednesday's episode.  (--The numbers from last night's show aren't out yet.)

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