I got this email from the Linkin Park fanclub LPUnderground:

"Hey guys, In celebration of July 4 back home, we will be streaming LIVE from the iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse in London at 8pm BST / 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT. Click here to watch our special show LIVE on Monday from this intimate venue. We have a surprise for you, so don't miss it. You can also watch live from your iPad, iPod or iPhone if you download the iTunes Festival App here. You also get to watch any of the performances of this festival on-demand for free at the end of the month. -Mike"

So I looked into it and this thing is HUGE! Over the course of 31 nights (it started July 1st) there will be 62 bands playing. Do the math, that's 2 a day. Thinking about I realized that it makes a ton of sense to do it that way because then you can pick the bands you want to see and schedule enough time to watch them stream live with the app they have. Or you can watch all the bands you want to see on demand after they play.

Here's what the app looks like so you know what to look for:

Here's a breakdown of the bands that matter and the dates and times they play.

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