Over 200 people gathered  for a powerful and inspiring night at the beautiful brand new Eberley Brooks Event Center in Lubbock Saturday evening.

The event was all about supporting the horses in need as well as acknowledging the value of what the connection with the horses can do for us and for our children. Being in touch with the horses is healing and therapeutic on many levels.

Angie Alspaugh, founder of Easy R Equine Rescue, together with her husband Terry, shared their heartfelt journey. Their horse rescue is even looking forward to expanding and have a vision to help many more horses. The emotion of it was real and raw and the true grit here is the American spirit we hold dear.

The guest host of the fundraiser was Texas celebrity Chad Prather, who many know from his viral "Unapologetically Southern" video.

I had some time to talk with Prather before the event and asked him what his connection with horses was and how he got involved with the mission of the rescue. He’s a tremendous personality, and when he spoke later he shared his venture, which had been a step out into the unknown, or "stepping into nothing" as he put it, because it felt like the right thing to do (in the video above).

Much like the beginnings of the Easy R Equine Rescue, which has rescued over 30 horses through the years, he took a leap of faith. Now he’s launched a brand new career and life for himself.

Chad joked that he was afraid the street value of his personality was "about like Obama giving a keynote address at an NRA convention."

He continued on a more serious note:

"When you sew seeds into other people's dreams your dreams come true as well, it's just the process of sewing and reaping, it's just a general Biblical principle that I think always comes true." Chad Prather spoke from the heart.

Living the dream with a leap of faith was only part of the message here for me. Take some time to consider these powerful stories and get inspired.

My feeling, which was confirmed through the true stories shared at this event, is that horses will help you as much as you help them. They give back what you give to them a thousandfold. Go with your gut. Honor your truth. Live the American dream.

Find the details you need to participate with Easy R Equine Rescue by visiting their website. And you can see more of Prather at his YouTube channel.