Here’s a look at some notable birthdays being celebrated today:

Steve Wozniak

Age: 61

Occupation: Computer Engineer and Entrepreneur

Known For: Founding Apple with Steve Jobs, competing on season 8 of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ his nickname ‘Woz,’ and being generally beloved by people both in and out of the computer industry

Hulk Hogan

Age: 58

Occupation: Wrestler, Actor, and Television Personality

Known For: Wrestling in the WWF, appearing in movies such as ‘Rocky III,’ his flamboyant persona, and his family’s reality series ‘Hogan Knows Best’

Joe Jackson

Age: 57

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, and Musician

Known For: Hits such as ‘Steppin’ Out’ and ‘Is She Really Going Out with Him?’

Viola Davis

Age: 46

Occupation: Actress

Known For: Winning two Tony Awards for her stage work and appearing in movies such as ‘Traffic,’ ‘Antwone Fisher,’ ‘Doubt,’ and ‘The Help’

Joe Rogan

Age: 43

Occupation: Comedian and Actor

Known For: Appearing in TV series such as ‘NewsRadio,’ hosting ‘Fear Factor,’ and publicly calling out fellow comic Carlos Mencia for plagiarism

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