My baby girl is not so baby anymore (excuse me while I sob forever) but when she was a wee one she was inseparable from her Cinderella doll. We had to wash it when she slept -after carefully and gently working Cinderella's hair from between her teeny fingers. Her dad, being a dad, threw Cinderella in the dryer and Cinderella came out with blonde dreadlocks.

I was horrified my baby was going to be upset, but when we gave Rastafari Cindy back my baby didn't even notice.  It wasn't her looks that formed the bond, it was the softness, the smiling face, the love she felt for the character. That's why if my baby was still a baby I would absolutely be taking her to the Tea Party With Princesses event coming up this weekend, where the "real" princesses will be there to play, eat and dance with your baby!

The events will be this weekend in the party rooms at the Science Spectrum (2579 S Loop 289). There's many different times and princesses to chose from. Seats are going very quickly, you can see what princesses are still available here. Tickets are $35 with VIP seating at $45. According to their Facebook Event Page, "The Tea Party includes a yummy meal and themed dessert. We have dancing, photos, and of course all of the beautiful princesses!"

For more information, you can head over to the ticketing site here.

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