So, check this out. Virgin. Galactic. That's right, Virgin, as in the record label, is pretty far along on developing their space fleet. They've got planned flights for Non-NASA trained scientists to do research in zero gravity, and they're booking spots for people just like you. Or sort of like you, just with more money to blow. How freaking cool is that? A company that got their start peddling Rock bands in the 70s is now on the cutting edge of the space race. Rock and Roll is funding space travel. Awesome. And make no mistake, these guys are on the front line. They're developing technology never used by any cosmonaut or astronaut. Take a look at a few of their videos at Now I do feel like I should point out that calling themselves galactic isn't really fair, when they don't have any plans to leave the solar system, but I guess there's no harm is leaving the option open.

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