What's a little lightning when you've got blink-182 in town?

Tuesday night's Spring Thing at the Lonestar Amphitheater began like any spring concert in Lubbock -- with warm weather and sunny skies. But not long after the gates opened and hundreds of fans began crowding around the stage, a streak of lightning cracked across the sky. And then another. And then it started pouring. Then, hailing.

Attendees already in the venue were instructed to take shelter inside the pavilion, and the gates were temporarily closed.

Thousands patiently waited. When the brunt of the storm cell finally passed, it was nearly 9 p.m. The show opener, Make Out, had their set cut completely due to time. The Naked and Famous only played a song or so before stopping out of concern for their gear.

By the time blink-182 took the stage, thousands were jam-packed into the Amp. The Poway, California pop punk band didn't disappoint, playing the songs that truly shaped the lives of a generation.

After the show, blink-182 thanked fans for sticking through the bad weather:


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