No matter how long he lives, this guy will never live this down. On Saturday afternoon, 23-year-old David Dowling of Bradenton, Florida was busted trying to steal a life-sized Justin Bieber cut-out from a F.Y.E. record store at the DeSoto Square Mall.

A Sears surveillance camera recorded David and a friend as they tried to run out of the mall, but an F.Y.E. assistant manager chased them down and told them to bring the cutout back to the store. She also called the police. David told the police it was a prank quote, "We were just having fun holding Justin Bieber hostage" but even so, he's still forever on record now as the guy who stole the Justin Bieber cutout.

The cutout was valued at $34.99 and David was charged for misdemeanor theft. His friend was also arrested, but  because it's one of the luckiest days of his life. His name wasn't released because he's a minor. David wasn't able to come up with his $120 bond so he actually ended up doing a night in jail over the Justin Bieber cutout.



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