Beyonce's performance of 'Drunk in Love' at the Grammy Awards last night (Jan. 26) was undoubtedly one of her sexiest performances to date. And with hubby Jay Z on hand to add his flair and show his love and affection for his lady love, it was a memorable way to open the awards show. However, there are many who felt that the performance was just too much for viewers -- especially young ones.

The moment everyone saw Beyonce wearing lingerie and sitting with her legs spread on a chair, people quickly flocked to Twitter to voice their opinions. And even though many thought the performance was great, there were also others who believe it was too inappropriate for their children to watch.

Many parents either had to change the channel or just voiced their outrage via the social media site about Beyonce's overtly sultry dance moves, outfit and just overall interaction with Jay. Others pointed out the fact that the singer was just trying to copy Miley Cyrus while others said that she should have known better considering she is a mother herself.

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